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                                                                                                     2020 Fund Guidelines & Eligibility
                                                                                           Seattle Parks & Recreation and Seattle Parks District

Seattle Parks and Recreation Mission
Seattle Parks and Recreation provides welcoming and safe opportunities to play, learn, contemplate, and build community, and promotes responsible stewardship of the land. We promote healthy people, a healthy environment and strong communities.

Seattle Parks District
Get Moving and Recreation for All community grant funding is provided through the Seattle Parks District, a voter approved levy that provides funding for City of Seattle Parks and Recreation including maintaining parklands and facilities, operating community centers and recreation programs, and developing new parks on previously acquired sites.

Purpose of Funds
Through the Get Moving Initiative and Recreation for All, Seattle Parks and Recreation strives to:
  • Provide support to local, small non-profit organizations, small businesses, individuals, and community-based groups to offer culturally relevant programs, events, and/or projects
  • Increase recreational opportunities and physical activities throughout Seattle that are culturally relevant and competent and meet the needs of the priority populations
  • Further strengthen the collaborative working relationship between Seattle Parks and Recreation and Seattle communities while building new and innovative partnerships and programs

Get Moving
The Get Moving initiative funds culturally relevant physical activities for communities where health disparities are prevalent. Funded activities will strengthen the collaboration between Seattle Parks and Recreation and Seattle Communities.
Get Moving projects must:
  • Focus on communities where health disparities are prevalent
  • Provide physically active programming

Recreation for All
The Recreation for All initiative funds new, innovative, and/or culturally relevant recreation opportunities. Funded activities will develop new and ongoing relationships with Seattle Parks and Recreation, community centers, parks, and facilities. Priority will be given to new projects that have not been funded by Recreation for All in prior years. Recreation for All defines recreation as anything that enhances one’s life.
Recreation for All projects must:
  • Take place in a City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Community Center, Park, Aquatic Facility, or Environmental Learning Facility.
  • Provide recreation classes, projects, programs, or events to underserved communities.

Get Moving and Recreation for All Eligibility
Who can apply?
  • Individuals
  • Local community groups
  • Small businesses working within the identified neighborhoods*
  • Non-profit and Not-for-profit organizations*
*Businesses and non-profit organizations must have a budget of under $150,000 in revenue. All businesses and non-profit organizations are required to include a copy of their organizational budget for the current year, not including an organizational budget will disqualify you from the panel process.

Entities not eligible: Government Agencies, Universities, Political Groups and organizations or small businesses with over $150,000 in revenue.
Groups applying are not required to be a 501(C) (3) nonprofit nor are they required to use a fiscal sponsor. If funded, groups will be required to obtain a City of Seattle Business License and appropriate liability insurance. The cost of the Business License and insurance can be included in the budget in the application.

Funding Available
Applicants can apply for up to a maximum amount of $15,000. The actual amount awarded may be different from the amount requested.
Eligible applicants may submit applications for different projects to both Get Moving and Recreation for All if the projects meet the respective guidelines and eligibility, however, applicants can only receive funding from Get Moving or Recreation for All per calendar year, one awardee cannot receive funding from both funds.
Applicants can receive funding from other City of Seattle departments and still be eligible for Get Moving or Recreation for All. There are a handful of restrictions about funding between departments. If you have or plan on applying for funds with another city department, please contact the program managers (contact information on page 6)

Get Moving and Recreation for All Qualifying Project Requirements
  • Be free and open to all
  • Be in the City of Seattle in one of the focus neighborhoods or centers
  • Serve one of the focus populations and neighborhoods
  • Have community partners involved with the project
  • Take place in the City of Seattle between May 1, 2020 and December 11, 2020
  • Adhere to Seattle Park and Recreation’s mission statement (see page 1)
  • Cannot have any outstanding debts or grants with Seattle Parks and Recreation's Business Service Center (BSC)
  • All past grant or fund paperwork has been submitted and is up to date

Priority Funding Populations
Projects that identify the following groups representing priority funding areas will receive higher consideration: *Get Moving Priority **Recreation for All Priority
  • People of color
  • Immigrant/refugee populations
  • Youth/Teens (including Toddlers)*
  • Adults (19-50 years)**
  • Mature Adults 50+*
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Intergenerational

Priority Neighborhoods
Southwest                       Southeast                          Northwest                                       Northeast
Cottage Grove                  Brighton                              Cedar Park                                      Bitter Lake
High Point                         Columbia City                     Jackson Park                                  Green Lake
Highland Park                   Dunlap                                Lake City                                         Greenwood
Pigeon Point                      Genesee                            Maple Leaf                                       Haller Lake
South Delridge Triangle     Hillman City                       North Matthews                                Beach Licton Springs/
Sunrise Heights                 Lakewood                          Northgate                                          Aurora Licton
Westwood                          New Holly                          Olympic Hills
Youngstown                       North Rainier                      Pinehurst
Georgetown                       Pritchard Beach                 Victory Heights
Puget Ridge                       Othello                               Meadowbrook
Beacon Hill                         Rainier Valley                    Magnuson/Sandpoint Housing
South Park                         Rainier Vista

Priority Centers (Recreation for All)
Rainier Beach Community Center                                       Rainier Community Center
Van Asselt Community Center                                            Jefferson Community Center
Garfield Community Center                                                 Yesler Community Center
South Park Community Center                                            High Point Community Center
Delridge Community Center                                                 International District Community Center
Lake City Community Center                                               Magnuson Community Center
Northgate Community Center                                              Bitter Lake Community Center

If your project is not in one of these identified areas when writing your application please add information about why you are planning to serve the area you have selected and how it meets the qualifications of Get Moving or Recreation for All

Project Criteria
It is also our goal to establish and strengthen the collaborative working relationship between Seattle Parks and Recreation and community organizations in building new and innovative partnerships that increase healthy activities and services offered to the community.
Project criteria include:
  • Quality of Project: clear, well-conceived project that promotes recreation, cultural, community and/or physical activity participation, strong community relations, and is authentic to the community.
  • Community Impact, Outreach and Outcomes: project plan describes meaningful efforts to increase community participation that will reach diverse and underserved audiences through intentional outreach and identifies outreach strategies. Demonstrates a measurable impact for the community served. Project has a desired outcome for the community served (i.e. better health due to more physical activity).
  • Feasibility: the organization/community group/business has a proven track record of managing programs, activities and/or other event(s) and/or demonstrated ability to successfully produce the program or event; provides evidence of community involvement and support from the community they wish to serve.
  • Budget: a clear, realistic budget for the program or event that matches the amount requested and includes all potential costs, in kind donations, and any partnerships with additional funds. Priority will be given to applications that show a clear financial need to operate the proposed project.
  • Sustainability: projects that have a plan to sustain program beyond funding cycle i.e., partnership development, in-kind donations, fitness certifications and collective impact partnerships.

Application Deadline and Information
Get Moving and Recreation for All applications will be available January 2019. To receive information on the 2019 timeline and application as it becomes available email your contact information to

Applications open January 6, 2020 at 7:00AM and close February 18, 2020 at 11:59PM

Funding announcements will be made mid-April 2020

Please do not plan on having your program begin prior to May 1, 2020.

Applications must be completed and submitted at

Application Review and Notification
An independent panel of nonprofit organization members, community, and Seattle Parks and Recreation representatives will review and evaluate applications according to the program criteria and recommend funding. Funding notification will be made in Spring 2020.

Funding Restrictions
Items eligible for funding: instructor fees, marketing and promotional fees, project management and coordination/administration costs, equipment supplies, equipment rentals and other production-related costs including fitness certifications, etc. No more than 10% of budget may be used for food-related costs during the event/program.

Funds may not be used for: organizational administrative costs, travel or travel related expenses, fundraising, or gifts. This includes rent, mileage, personnel benefits, etc.

Awardee Requirements
As an awarded applicant there are expectations that must be maintained to receive the full amount of funding awarded.
  • Awardees are required to get/maintain a City of Seattle business license and insurance
  • Awardees will meet with the program manager to go over contract, reporting requirements, and expectations
  • Awardees are required to complete reporting including but not limited to a mid report, final report, participant sign in sheets, attendance reports, and participant surveys
  • Awardees can invoice up to 3 times through out the year depending on the amount received and the project
  • Get Moving awardees MUST participate in Big Day of Play, August 15, 2020.
  • Awardees are expected to maintain consistent and open communication with the program manager and staff
  • Awardees will complete the project as presented in the application

Recreation for All
Kathleen Gantz